Texas Tang Soo Do Academy is a family martial arts academy located in Lindale, TX. We opened in 2009, in Lubbock, TX. Today we have students from all over the Tyler area in East Texas. We teach traditional Tang Soo Do and Hapkido.Studio_Home_Page We opened in Lindale in 2013.

We practice empty hand and foot techniques such as punching and kicking, forms, self-defense, sparring, and traditional  martial arts weaponry. However, our students quickly realize that our school focuses also on discipline, self-esteem, control,  balance, coordination, agility, and much, much more! We have hundreds of photos in our Photo Album section for you to browse to view our daily classes, special events, award presentations and much more.

We have classes for ages 4 and up. Our Kid Tigers PeeWee class is a specific class designed for ages 4-7. Our Tang Soo Do Martial Arts class is for ages 7 and up and is a traditional martial art.

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We are located conveniently off I-20 on Highway 69 in Lindale, TX. For more information click here.


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