Dojang Rules and Protocols

5 Codes of Tang Soo Do

The five codes of Tang Soo Do apply to all members and are meant to guide the Tang Soo Do Practitioner. All Members are required to memorize them and fully understand the meaning of the codes.


1) Loyalty to Country
2) Obedience to Parents (or Elders, Instructors, and Teachers)
3) Honor Friendship
4) No retreat in battle
5) In fighting, choose with sense and honor



7 Tenets of Tang Soo Do & Korean Martial Arts

1) Integrity
2) Concentration
3) Perseverance
4) Respect and Obedience
5) Self Control
6) Humility
7) Indomitable Spirit



Texas Tang Soo Do Academy Dojang (Studio) RulesĀ 

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to warm up and prepare for the days lesson.
  • Show respect by bowing to Masters, Instructors, and Black Belts.
  • Salute the flags and bow upon entering and leaving the training floor.
  • Maintain a clean, correctly marked uniform at all times. Make sure all uniforms are properly patched and trimmed.
  • Ensure uniforms are clean.
  • Avoid taking part in loud conversations before or after class.
  • Look with the intent to learn. (FOCUS)
  • Listen carefully with the intent to learn. (FOCUS)
  • Remove shoes before entering the training floor and place them neatly in the designated area.
  • No alcohol, smoking, or gum chewing in the school.
  • Instructors and students should use Tang Soo Do terminology as much as possible.
  • All members should assist in keeping the school clean.
  • Notify an Instructor in case of absence or injury.
  • Members must observe proper protocol at all times.
  • Members should maintain self-control or composure during class.
  • At the end of class, students should assist in picking up the training equipment, cleaning the workout room, and offer to sweep.
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