Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art focusing on developing both physical and mental abilities.

At Texas Tang Soo Do Academy, we strive to ensure that each and every student learns to live in Moo Do (The Martial Way). This helps develop the individual in more ways than simply the physical.

Our students quickly learn that a traditional and disciplined approach to martial arts has immediate and long-term benefits that help them at school, at work, in other sports, and helps them through life’s many challenges!

We offer certified rank for Beginners (White Belts) to Advanced (Black Belts and Beyond!). We have many fantastic instructors and keep our classes at a manageable size so that each individual can grow in their art and succeed! We also offer private and private group classes.

Interesting Fact: Chuck Norris joined the United States Air Force in 1958 and was deployed to Osan Air Base, South Korea. It was there that Norris began his training in Tang Soo Do, an interest that led to his Black Belt, many International Karate Championships, and eventually his career as a hollywood martial arts action star!


Tang Soo Do is widely recognized as a traditional martial art of Korea focusing on Karate and Self-Defense. It’s philosophies and technical aspects are derived primarily from Korean teachings and wisdom, but it is the blending of other eastern, and more recently western, philosophies which has led Tang Soo Do to be recognized as one of the foremost traditional martial arts styles.

In today’s hectic society, there is no doubt that we need self-defense skills. Equally important are physical fitness and methods for the release of daily stress—No matter whether you are seeking self-defense, better health, physical fitness or discipline, our Tang Soo Do can meet your needs. However, Tang Soo Do has its own unique character which differentiates it from any other form of martial arts or martial sports.

Tang Soo Do not only teaches physical techniques but also trains us to practice the Marital Way of Life through practice of seven tenets including: Integrity, Concentration, Perseverance, Respect and Obedience, Self-Control, Humility, and Indomitable Spirit!

The Five Codes of Tang Soo Do:

  • Loyalty to Country
  • Obedience to Parents
  • Honor Friendship
  • No Retreat in Battle
  • In Fighting, Choose with Sense & Honor


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