Texas Tang Soo Do Academy prides itself on providing excellent instructors as its backbone to learning. All instructors must undergo a training regime after acquiring Black Belt, and must test to become certified as a Class Instructor (Kyo Sah). We also have may Assistant Instructors and Instructor Trainees who assist with classes. We also require all Instructors and Assistant Instructors to be trained and certified in First Aid and CPR. All Kyo Sah instructors must reach Second Dan (Second Degree Black Belt), and be at least 18 years old.

We do not utilize everyone who achieves black belt as an instructor. A student must first prove they are able to teach, have the desire to teach, then undergo a year long cycle of assistant teaching once they receive their Cho Dan (First Degree Black Belt) before they are allowed to teach classes on their own, no matter the age of the student.


Instructor Classification:

(Korean)            (English)

Sah Bom Nim  – Master Instructor (Teacher)

Kyo Sah            – Class Instructor

Bu Kyo Sah    –  Assistant Instructor

Jyo Kyo          –  Instructor Trainee


Current Instructors, Assistant Instructors, and Instructor Trainees


Master Chad Adams (Sah Bom Nim)
Certifications & Rank:
-4th Dan – Tang Soo Do
-1st Dan – Hapkido (Korea Hapkido Federation)

-4th Dan – Tae Kwon Do (WMARA)

-Certified Master Instructor (Sah Bom Nim)  – Global Tang Soo Do Association
-CPR Certified/ First Aid – 2010
-2015 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee



Master_Chad_AdamsMaster Chad Adams began his martial arts training in 1985 under Master Cliff Ott in Bogalusa, LA at the age of 5. He achieved his first degree black belt (Cho Dan) from the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) under Master Stacy Busby. In 2006, Master Adams moved to Austin, TX  and trained under Master Gary Schill. Upon leaving Austin, Master Adams re-located to Lubbock, TX and opened the first Texas Tang Soo Do Academy, LLC in a community center in east Lubbock. Master Adams recruited about 30 students and started his teaching and TTSDA in 2009. He trained under Grandmaster John J. St. James and the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation. He received his 2nd and 3rd Dan rank in Tang Soo Do from Grandmaster St. James.

In 2014, Master Adams tested successfully for Sah Bom Nim, 4th Dan with the Global Tang Soo Do Association. His instructor is Grandmaster Tong Hwan Kim, son of Great-Grandmaster Tong Mun Kim from Atlanta, GA. Master Adams was also presented a 4th Dan in Tae Kwon Do by GM Pat Burleson in 2014 under the World Martial Arts Ranking Association.

Master Adams specializes in self defense and sparring techniques. He has had the opportunity to train under some of the best instructors throughout his training in the martial arts and Tang Soo Do! He is eager to share his knowledge with students from East Texas and other parts of the South. He has competed on both the State and National level and won many tournaments. Master Adams particularly excelled at sparring, continuous sparring, and point sparring. Master Adams utilizes a lead by example mentality in all of his training.

Master Adams currently serves as the Western Area director for the GTSDA and is a member of several different martial arts alliances. If you would like to contact Master Adams, please feel free to send him an e-mail.

Outside of martial arts, Master Adams resides in Lindale, TX with his wife and daughter Kathleen and works professionally in the Cyber-Security Sector.

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Class Instructor Andy Hickman (Kyo Sah)
Certifications & Rank:
-2nd Dan – Tang Soo Do
-2st Dan – Isshinryu
-Certified Class Instructor (Kyo Sah) – Global Tang Soo Do Association
-CPR Certified/ First Aid

Andy Hickman is a member of the Global Tang Soo Do Association and the Senior Certified Instructor at the Texas Tang Soo Do Academy. He holds black-belts in two styles of karate: Isshinryu and Tang Soo Do. He first started taking karate with his son, Landon, in 1999. Together, father and son earned their black-belts in Isshinryu in 2008.

What Mr. Hickman enjoys most is helping students grow in their mastery of Tang Soo Do. He says, “The discipline, focus, and obedience-training that our students receive instill them with many qualities essential for successful, rewarding lives.” Mr. Hickman understands the practical value of karate first-hand. While at his apartment in Dallas in 2011, Landon was attacked by a man with a knife. Immediately responding with his martial arts training, Landon quickly disarmed his attacker and left the fight without sustaining injuries. The training Landon received kept him alive that day. Mr. Hickman desires that every student be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to appropriately respond in threatening circumstances.


Assistant Instructor Spencer Lewis (Bu Kyo Sah)
Certifications & Rank:
-1st Dan – Tang Soo Do
-CPR & First Aid Certified – Red Cross


Spencer_BioBiography coming soon!






Instructor Trainees (Jyo Kyo)

Jana Perez-Watts

Jeff Yarbrough

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